Sandra van Gelderen

Sandra van Gelderen – Office Manager

In April of this year Sandra van Gelderen has started as the new office manager of Squarell Technology. With a secretarial background in the technical and construction branch she is a welcome new face in the office.

Sandra helps our clients with their orders, especially when the account managers are out of the office. She processes all incoming mail from the mail box and supports the warehouse with dispatching. Also she helps our support desk with simpler (technical) issues and she answers the telephone. Lastly Sandra welcomes our guests at the office and helps staff with office-related problems. In short, she is an important all-round assistance in the office and beyond.

The fun part of her job, she says, is the diversity of her tasks and the fact that she can learn something really new (like the products, software and logistics). She also praises the innovative direction and the professional growth that Squarell Technology is undergoing. She hopes she can be of good assistance in taking Squarell to the next level!

Send Sandra an email if you have sales related questions for her.