Watch the video below where we set up a real-time demonstration of the Driver Awareness Panel (DAP) for testing purposes.

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We recorded the data of a truck driver in Chile who drove with the aid of the DAP.

In the video, you see the road cam on the left, the RPM meter in the middle and the real-time parameter graphs below. The graphs show the speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), accelerator position and engine torque of the vehicle. On the right is the (hardware) DAP where you can see the LEDs lighting up: green for a good driving style, red or orange for a driving style that can be improved.

The DAP helps you to improve the driving style of your fleet drivers and help you with the following goals:

  • Save fuel consumption
  • Increase road safety
  • Reduce CO2-emission
  • Reduce fleet costs

Get more information about the Driver Awareness Panel (hardware and software kits available)

See the picture below for more information about the LEDs on the DAP and what they mean.