Squarell Field Engineer Roy

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Roy Bunschoten is our newest force in the ever-growing Squarell team. He will join the Field Engineers team and help improve vehicle support for Squarell.

He will visit our international customers from the telematics and fleet management world to analyse, scan and test cars, commercial buses, trucks, trailers, trains and many more (industrial) vehicles that are able to be equipped with our hardware.

Read more about Squarell’s vehicle support.

Experience and interests

Roy has experience in the motor industry as a motorcycle technician. He has also gained sales experience in the purchase of motorcycles for an import and export company. He is, therefore, the perfect candidate to help the team of engineers with a recruiting approach, namely expanding our database of supported vehicles.

Roy lives close to Hillegom, in Noordwijk and in his spare time he loves snowboarding and is Flag Marshal at the motorsport Circuit of Zandvoort.

We look forward to working with Roy and welcome him to our team.