Since February 2019 Sander Spijker works as an International Field Engineer in the support department of Squarell. Field Engineers are part of Squarell’s data collection team that take care of expanding and improving vehicle support. Sander’s team is responsible for researching, analysing and collecting data networks of cars, trucks, buses, vans and many other types of motorized vehicles. With the obtained parameter data Squarell improves its vehicle database and hence vehicle compatibility with the Squarell vehicle data solutions.

Work experience in automotive

Sander graduated as Automotive Engineer at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He was a graduate at Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe (MTEE) in Almere where he did his research on the drafting of a Warrant Document and wear patterns in a Variable Geometry (VG).

We warmly welcome Sander to the Squarell team and wish him every success.

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