Squarell offers predictive maintenance solutions based on vehicle data for telematics service providers and fleet owners.

Squarell vehicle data can be integrated into telematics systems to improve service call schedules and reduce maintenance costs.

Predictive maintenance solutions

Monitor dashboard lights remotely

One example of a predictive maintenance solution is monitoring of dashboard lights remotely.

The Squarell hardware can collect the dashboard lighting status and make it available to the fleet manager in the office. He can pre-arrange parts, reserve time in the workshop and possibly deploy a replacement vehicle.

How does it work
On the road At the office
Dashboard lights inform the driver about faults or defective parts. An error message is collected and sent in real-time to the back office.

Extend remote diagnosis with error codes

In specific cases, Squarell data can be extended with the underlying error codes. If the fleet owner is able to interpret these codes, he will be able to plan even more accurately using remote diagnosis. Contact us for info about supported vehicles.

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