Squarell advanced Tell Tales Solution for Euro 6 Trucks

Dashboard lights of the vehicles in your fleet immediately visible in your office. Now warning signals no longer go unnoticed and you avoid unnecessary downtime and/or expensive repairs.

With the Squarell advanced Tell Tales Solution, the driver and fleet manager can get real time insight in malfunctions in one of the three major systems: the engine, transmission and/or emission. Squarell advanced Tell Tales helps to determine whether to keep on driving safely or to stop immediately. Imagine how much maintenance costs you can save if you can prevent major breakdowns. If, for example, the coolant level is is too low, a warning is given. Subsequently the truck can pass through the garage on time for a refill to prevent worse damage. Go to the Tell Tales Solution page ›

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The Squarell advanced Tell Tales Solution can deliver up to 36 parameters* on Euro 6 trucks. The solution is available for all Squarell vehicle data interfaces.

*Depends on the brand/model. Check the vehicle support matrix on our support portal for details on possibilities or contact your sales accountant.

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