With the software solution of Prometheus and Squarell Technology

All possible Long Heavy Vehicle combinations

One of the requirements for transporting with Long Heavy Vehicles (LHVs) in the Netherlands and Belgium is to be able to demonstrate on the road how heavy the vehicle is. As it is not always possible to drive an LHV to a weighbridge, Prometheus has developed a software solution together with Squarell Technology that provides real-time insight into axle loads.

This solution makes it possible to deploy different vehicle combinations and display the axle weights in real-time to the driver in the cab. Thus, in Belgium, a permit is granted based on the information shown and there is no need to inspect each vehicle or vehicle combination separately. In addition to insight into axle loads and the route driven, this gives the planner freedom in deployment of the available equipment.

It works as follows; both the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle have a CANbus, which is a system by which all electronic devices in a vehicle communicate with each other. The data from the CANbuses of the coupled equipment are combined by Squarell into a Bluetooth message for Prometheus’ software. This makes the information visible on both the mobile solution in the vehicle and the home software in the office.