We focus on long-term and sustainable relationships with our partners to become aware of the challenges they face. By understanding our partners, we are able to map opportunities and deliver bespoke and optimised solutions.

Your benefits

Add a continuous revenue stream:

If your product or service makes a one-off margin, you will be able to add a continuous revenue stream.

Add value to your existing solutions:

If you already provide a solution with a fixed revenue stream, we can help you add value.

Reduce your churn rate:

If you lose customers to the competition, we can protect and reduce the churn rate by offering additional functionality and quality data.

Support profitable niche markets:

Benefit from offering a more profitable solution by supporting a niche market.

Supported niche markets:

  • Road transportation and trailers
  • Public transport, buses and coaches
  • Construction and mining
  • Railway
  • Marine
  • Electric and autonomous vehicles
  • Special projects

Why choose Squarell?

High-quality data:

We strive to gather the highest quality of data by analysing supported vehicles individually.

Quality hardware and services:

Squarell has in-house R&D, manufacturing, service and support for delivering fully optimised customer experience.

Global provider:

Squarell is the global provider for telematics hardware and connectivity.

Innovative solutions:

With our support for various niche markets, we often develop innovative solutions that are not available anywhere else.

How do we support you?

  • Agree a profitable path to pursue
  • Identify USPs
  • Marketing and report designing assistance
  • Regular account management conference calls
  • Provide a dedicated engineer for the integration and testing of solutions

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