Squarell Technology has been a member of ITxPT since December 1, 2017. With its membership, Squarell can make use of an integrated ITxPT test bench that provides services for specifying, testing, qualifying and presenting IT solutions in public transport (PT).


ITxPT stands for Information Technology for Public Transport: a European initiative aimed at working together to implement standardisation for plug-and-play IT systems in public transport. → itxpt.org

Der Standard in der IT-Architektur für den öffentlichen Verkehr in Europa

The ITxPT platform is built on the European Bus System of the Future (EBSF): this standard IT architecture specifies communication protocols and hardware interfaces to provide full interoperability of IT systems in public transport applications.

Squarell standardisiert und integriert Fahrzeugdaten

Squarell is specialised in collecting vehicle data from various protocols including CAN-bus data and delivering the data in a standardised form to make it compatible with the customer’s IT systems. As part of ITxPT, Squarell has the possibility to use its knowledge and technology and to connect new and existing IT systems in public transport and to standardise carrier data.

Lösungen für Busse und Reisebusse

Squarell unterstützt die ITxPT-Plattform mit intelligenten Lösungen

It is Squarell’s mission to support the ITxPT initiative and to improve the standardisation and working methods for on-board IT systems and to position itself as the desired partner and supplier of hardware and software in the public transport sector. We also aim to contribute to the reduction of CO2 by offering intelligent fuel-saving solutions.

Langjährige Erfahrung mit standardisierten und kundenspezifischen Fahrzeugdatenlösungen

In the past, Squarell has helped (bus) companies with tailor-made solutions for reading specific data signals and translating a wide variety of protocol messages into readable information for their customers‘ IT systems. Constantly focusing on the reduction of fuel consumption, the prevention of maintenance costs, road safety and a better environment.

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