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What is a (digital) tachograph?2019-10-29T10:09:45+01:00

A tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that automatically records its speed and distance, together with the driver’s activity selected from a choice of modes. The drive mode is activated automatically when the vehicle is in motion, and modern tachograph heads usually default to the other work mode upon coming to rest. The rest and availability modes can be manually selected by the driver whilst stationary.

Regulations vary from country to country

For reasons of public safety, many jurisdictions have limits on the working hours of drivers of certain vehicles, such as buses and trucks. A tachograph can be used to monitor this and ensure that appropriate breaks are taken. Drivers and their employers are legally required to accurately record their activities, retain the records and produce them on demand to transport authorities who are in charge of enforcing regulations governing drivers‘ hours of service.

Remote tacho download

Remote tacho download is an option to download tachograph information without the need to physically go to the vehicle. This saves time and money and the risk of getting fined.

Squarell devices with K-Line input

Squarell FLEX and SOLID-K vehicle data interfaces offer K-Line input used for tachograph communications. K-Line is part of the ISO 9141 On Board Diagnostics (OBD) vehicle network interface standard.

What is the American Trucking Associations (ATA)?2017-03-21T12:04:24+01:00

Since 2016, Squarell Technology is a member of the American Trucking Associations (ATA). American Trucking Associations is the largest national trade association for the trucking industry. Through a federation of 50 affiliated state trucking associations and industry-related conferences and councils, ATA is the voice of the industry America depends on most to move our nation’s freight. As a member of the ATA Squarell can access tools and resources needed to make informed decisions. Expand our network through a federation of other trucking groups, industry-related conferences, and its 50 affiliated state trucking associations. ATA represents more than 37,000 members including every type of motor carrier in the United States.

Where can I download iUpload (Squarell software)?2017-03-06T15:41:54+01:00

iUpload is PC software for updating Squarell devices with the latest firmware and Device Configuration Files (DCFs). You can download the latest iUpload software and user manuals in the Support Portal.

What is Fleet Management System (FMS)?2019-10-29T09:39:44+01:00

The Fleet Managment System (FMS) is a standard interface to vehicle data of commercial vehicles. In 2002, six large European truck manufacturers decided to develop the open FMS-Standard for their clients: DAF Trucks, Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz), IVECO, MAN AG, Volvo (including Renault and Scania). The FMS translates vehicle data to the J1939 protocol which is developed by the Society for Automotive Engineers (SAE). If FMS data is combined with the J1939 data, such as GPS position, tachograph data, sensor readings, a universal communication and information source arises: the FMS CAN bus.

The following data is broadcast at the FMS interface of the truck brand and standardised to SAE J1939 so you can use a single system supporting mixed fleets.

  • Accelerator pedal position (0–100%)
  • Axle weight (kg)
  • Brake switch (on/off)
  • Clutch switch (on/off)
  • Cruise control (on/off)
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine speed
  • FMS-Standard software version (supported modes)
  • Fuel level (0–100%)
  • High-resolution vehicle distance
  • Power take-off (PTO) (Status/Mode)
  • Service distance
  • Tachograph information
  • Total engine hours (h)
  • Total fuel used (litres since lifetime)
  • Vehicle identification number (ASCII)
  • Vehicle improvement (all round)
  • Vehicle speed (wheel based)
  • Vehicle speed (from tachograph)
What is CAN (Controller Area Network) or CAN bus?2020-03-02T17:08:44+01:00

The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial bus standard to allow electronic control units (microcontrollers) in vehicles to communicate with each other without a host computer. CAN bus was originally developed by Robert Bosch GmbH as a message-based protocol for multiplex electrical wiring in automobiles such as cars, trucks, heavy and light commercial vehicles, buses and coaches. But it can be used in many other contexts, think of trains, boats, planes and other machines.

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