EV Parameters by Squarell

Because of the growing popularity in the use of electric vehicles (EVs), Squarell started analysing electric buses, trucks, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars to extract vehicle parameter data. Below are the Squarell parameters for electric vehicles.

By combining our data, we can provide insight into current kW consumption, driving behavior, charging process and battery usage, among many other things. It’s possible to analyse electric vehicle performance data, but also the behavior of drivers of these vehicles. The battery usage data can provide insights that help improve battery life. Also, the charging process of your EV fleet can be monitored. With this, you have insight at all times into which EV vehicles are charging and which are not.

Live Electric Vehicle Data ($FMSEV1)

1. EV motor speed
2. EV motor torque
3. Average trip kW consumption
4. ECO-mode enabled
5. EV motor temperature
6. EV traction battery current
7. EV traction battery potential
8. EV battery state of charge
9. Remaining battery range
10. Remaining battery time
11. Charging cable connected/disconnected
12. Charging status
13. Remaining charging time

Electricity Usage Data ($FMSEV4)

1. Total discharged energy
2. Total discharged energy driving
3. Total regenerated charge
4. Total ignition on time
5. Total EV idle time
6. Total ignition time in park
7. Distance in brake regeneration
8. Time in brake regeneration
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