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Your (data) journey starts here

Looking for a toolbox that can solve all the vehicle data challenges in a fleet? Squarell provides you with the right tools for facing those challenges, packed in the SOLID-J - Telematics Development Kit (TDK).
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With the TDK you are able to install the SOLID-J in vehicles equipped with CANbus. The SOLID-J is Squarell’s popular multi-source vehicle data interface that lets you process powerful vehicle data of any kind.

Knowing more about your fleet gives you a tremendous amount of advantages in different ways including vehicle safety, fuel-saving, fleet costs reduction and enhanced driver awareness. The TDK is the starter kit that includes all the high tech you need to create your own telematics vehicle data solution.

Total solution

The SOLID-J Telematics Development Kit (TDK) provides the means to create powerful vehicle data solutions based on CAN bus, J1708 and K-line.

The SOLID-J TDK is a good starting point to help you create a total fleet management solution.

With this kit you are able to:

  • Make an on desk simulation for a driving truck
  • Make CAN bus scans from vehicles
  • Load new software into the Squarell SOLID-J device
  • Install the SOLID-J in a truck connected to your telematics solution
  • Understand the Squarell output
  • Upgrade your telematics solution to a higher level

After using this kit set up, both SOLID-J devices can be reused in any supported vehicle.

Kit contents

Data visualisation

TDK data visualisation

What is the SOLID-J?

SOLID-J is a multi-source vehicle data interface. It is part of the range of Squarell solutions for obtaining advanced vehicle data. With configurable functionality and extended connectivity, SOLID-J can be used in automotive applications like telematics, real-time monitoring, measurement and interfacing.

The Squarell SOLID-J offers more than just streaming data. It processes the latter to provide it to you in order to accomplish advanced fleet management.