Since two years, the so-called «black box» is required in modern cars in America. Today, the Dutch police want to use data derived from those «black boxes» in serious traffic accidents, this technology is properly called the Event Data Recorder or EDR. The data recorded from the EDR can be a key witness in car incidents.


How does the Event Data Recorder work?

The EDR is a system built into trucks, buses, cars and other vehicles. It registers time, location, braking speed, the position of the pedals, airbag operation and so on. When in an accident, the EDR records data just before an accident which can be analyzed after the incident to find out what happened exactly to the vehicle.

The results of the EDR pilots are good, sais the police and it is expected that the aid of the EDR will take a great flight in the next years. (Source:

The Squarell Event Data Recorder


Squarell SOLID-J Vehicle Data Interface

SOLID-J is Squarell’s multi-source vehicle data interface for automotive applications such as telematics, real-time monitoring, measuring and interfacing. The FLEX is contactless coupled to the CAN bus with the patented CANcliQ.

The Squarell EDR profile can be loaded on the FLEX, which then can be used as a «black box» or Event Data Recorder. This offers extra insurance to transport companies and it will protect their most valuable assets: their drivers and passengers.

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