We’re working hard to expand our Vehicle Support Matrix. Squarell International Field Engineers are travelling around the world to scan, test and verify the newest vehicles in order to make Squarell devices compatible with them.


  • Our current database increased with more than 35% in the past year, especially support for passenger cars is vastly growing;
  • After research, we found new scanning methods to verify previously unconfirmed vehicles;
  • We now support almost all vehicles from 2006 until now with the use of the new verify methods;
  • We’re also working on a better online searchable vehicle support database;
  • And, we are able to give remote assistance to unconfirmed vehicles, this allows us to improve our service and build a larger vehicle support database at the same time.

In the pictures, you can see some of the heavy American, Australian and British vehicles that were recently added to the list of supported vehicles.

Heavy vehicle models

Scanning the vehicles

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