Gerard Willemse, Squarell account manager for Europe, visited the 4th International Railway Summit in Paris, February 2017. He told us it was a remarkable event with in-depth discussions about the issues that face the rail industry. He met with many interesting visitors, experts and key players in the industry.

What we learned at the Railway Summit

The summit provided Squarell with a peek into an old-fashioned industry that is now facing the challenges of modernization. The industry is further developing in all facets of its structure in an effort to grow and (sometimes) survive.

«As a representative of Squarell, who works mainly with road vehicles, it was most interesting to observe how closed minded the industry had been to solutions coming from outside the rail industry», says Gerard.

He continues: «I was very pleased to listen to a keynote focused on how contemporary rail can only progress further if it starts adopting alternative solutions from external industries. It became very evident that the tides were turning and opportunities from outside the industry should be plenty.»

Presenting cost saving solutions with Traveltainer

Squarell, in joint cooperation with the telematics service provider Traveltainer, were the only companies at the summit that presented a cost saving solution with the additional advantages of energy savings and CO2-reduction.

Even though there weren’t so many executives present whose focused lie primarily on cost saving solutions, the ones that were present, all had jaw dropping responses when they heard how much money could be saved.

They simply couldn’t believe that the things Squarell and partnering TSP’s have been doing in the road logistics sector, could be so easily translated to the rail sector and reap such high rewards. «I can not believe that no one has done this before», was the most heard reaction.

Putting our foot firmly in the door of the railway industry

Our goal at the Railway Summit was to present Squarell as the pioneer in developing the standard in RAIL-FMS and to open doors to a sector where changes are going to be made.

Being at this summit has put our foot firmly in the door with a number of rail operators. This should open up a whole new marketplace for Squarell, leading to future projects and enhanced opportunities for our current product line.

Gerard Willemse

Gerard Willemse

International account manager