Squarell technology for First Response Vehicles

Squarell develops and produces electronic devices that are linked (by means of a sensor) to various information networks in vehicles.These devices, which are connected to the home base via a modem, read and correct the data from the vehicle networks.

Bespoke solutions for First Response Vehicles

Authorities managing these first aid vehicles often have very specific national requirements that must be met for the vehicle data they must receive. There is also a demand for more parameters of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances in order to be able to assess afterwards the risky situation in which they often find themselves. It is interesting to know if the siren was on and if the windscreen wipers were used in bad weather. Whether it is information about lighting, windscreen wipers, steering maneuvers, warning lights on the dashboard or something else, Squarell can meet these requirements.

How our technology is connected

Valuable parameters

Currently, we have more than 350 parameters from a vehicle available that we have divided into a number of groups such as for Efficiency, Safety, Maintenance, Liability, Environment, Diagnostics and Alarms.

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