Squarell FMS

Squarell FMS is a vehicle data solution with extensive parameter support for all brands and models in a fleet.

Even if the FMS-Standard option is not enabled in a truck, you still can use Squarell FMS to implement fleet management.

The benefits

  • Reliable vehicle data

  • Standardized fleet data

  • Extensive parameter support

  • Support for all vehicles in the fleet


In 2002, 11 vehicle manufacturers collectively decided to make vehicle data available to Fleet Owners through a Fleet Management System (FMS) Interface.

FMS interface

This FMS interface can be purchased from the vehicle manufacturer. The interfaces and available data vary between brands.

FMS parameters

In 2009, the FMS-Standard Working Group released version 1.0 of the FMS parameter standard, which included 33 parameters. Currently, version 4.0 with 55 parameters is available.

$FMS groups

Squarell has compiled several parameter groups that are active based on customer preferences. These groups include $FMS1 for general parameters, $FMSEV1 for general parameters for electric vehicles, $FMS2 for VIN, date, and time, $FMS3 for tachograph information, $FMS4 for fuel and distance totals, $FMSEV4 for electric vehicle totals, $FMS8 for switches, doors, and lighting, $FMS10 for voltages, and $FMS12 for trailer information. Many messages tailored for specific applications are not listed here.

Vehicle data collection devices

Squarell offers three ‘vehicle data collection devices’: SOLID, REMOTE, and BE, which gather vehicle data from the vehicle networks. SOLID connects to a modem from the Telematic Services Provider (TSP), while REMOTE and BE have their own modems.

Squarell FMS (Fleet Management System) data EN

CANcliQ and DatacliQ

By using a ‘non-intrusive’ sensor, such as the patented CANcliQ and DatacliQ, a ‘Vehicle Data Collection Device’ can read signals from vehicle communication networks like the CAN bus, k-line, and J1708 without making an electrical connection.

Parameter knowledge

Currently, Squarell provides more than 355 parameters for Telematic Service Providers and their customers, the Fleet Owners. Many parameters are read from the vehicle networks, but interesting parameters are also calculated, such as brake duration for predicting brake disc wear and planning maintenance. We have approximately 40 parameters for efficiency, 27 for maintenance, 160 for diagnosis, 46 for safety, 23 for liability, 21 for the environment, and 58 with alarms. The availability of these parameters depends on the application and user needs.

Available vehicle list

There are significant differences in networks between different vehicle brands and even between different types of the same brand. Squarell has a list of brands and types indicating which parameters are available for each vehicle.

Nine differences between FMS-Standard and Squarell FMS

FMS-Standard Squarell FMS
The FMS-Standard must be activated by the manufacturer. Additional costs
may be charged.
Squarell’s advanced vehicle data collection devices are compliant with the FMS-Standard.
FMS-Standard parameters only. The wide range of vehicle parameters exceeds the FMS-Standard parameters.
Tailored vehicle parameters are not available. Expandable, tailor-made data solutions, as requested by your customer or partner.
Outputs FMS-Standard CAN messages only. Obtain data in universal standards including SAE J1939, FMS-Standard CAN or RS-232 messages.
Vehicle data has to pass through the FMS gateway first. Vehicle signals are extracted directly from the CAN bus, ensuring pure and reliable vehicle data.
If Remote FMS (rFMS) is being used, the data must be transferred through a (third party) cloud server. Because the data remains in your own fleet management solution, data protection is guaranteed.
Only support for trucks and buses equipped with FMS-Standard. Compatible with all major vehicle brands: trucks, buses, vans, cars.
Comparing data from different vehicles requires data conversions. Vehicle data is comparable between all types of brands and models in a fleet.
Retrofit is not possible. Retrofit vehicles with FMS-Standard from Squarell, including all of its benefits.
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