iUpload logoSquarell also has a new version of the iUpload program available to roll out.
There are two major improvements in this new version:

SFD update

It is now possible to update the firmware of 2 SFD devices (Bluetooth devices and Driver Awareness Panel).
The SFD device needs to be connected to an interface device to enable updating via iUpload.
The new manual can be downloaded from the Squarell Support Portal.

Authorisation levels

Some features can be switched on or off by authorization level.
The features “read logbook” and “memory dump” will become available for all our certified installers.
The function to select DCF’s and FW files can be authorised upon request. This might be a good function for companies that have third party installers that are not allowed to change FW and DCF files themselves.

The new version of iUpload will be released on November 17, 2014.
Download iUpload in the Support Portal