Members Meeting #11 will be held on November 14th and 15th, 2019 in Rome and supported by ASSTRA Association. ITxPT will invite approximately 20 delegates representing major Italian PTA/O’s and members of ASSTRA.

Members Meeting – Rome

Members Meeting #11 will focus on the needs of PTA/O’s and customer experience, include a Networking Evening, interactive sessions and keynote speeches. Furthermore we will exchange important information about ITxPT as the implementation body for Siri Netex and how to support the implementation of the National Access Point. We also look forward to receiving feedback from Ruter about the implementation of ITxPT in Oslo.

The Members Meeting is restricted to ITxPT Members. For more information, please contact ITxPT.

The attending Squarell International Account Manager

Patrice Laclavère will be present as a representative of Squarell and will share our knowledge in the field of vehicle data solutions for public transport. Technical Engineer Lex van der Linden will also be present for technical assistance.

Patrice LaclavèrePatrice Laclavère
M: +31 6 11060589
T: +31 252 420 311