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  • Validated by Squarell
  • The DCF has been developed and should work, but it has not been physically checked. We suggest testing it before large-scale installation. Feedback to Squarell is desired for validation.
  • Vehicle CAN Bus
  • Requires 2nd CAN Bus connection
  • Requires 3rd CAN Bus connection
  • Requires J1708 connection
  • Requires ISO11992 connection
  • Requires Tachograph K-Line connection
  • Requires Fuel Levels Sensor device. The installation of a Fuel Level Sensor requires advanced technical knowledge. Please review our manual for the required steps.
  • Calculated parameter (this is as accurate as the combined tolerance of read values. as a result, the calculated value may deviate marginally from reality)
* Vehicle configuration dependent
Total Vehicle Distance
Vehicle Speed
Acc. Pedal Position
Kickdown Switch*
Brake Switch
Cruise Control State*
Total Discharged Energy
Total Discharged Energy Driving
Total Regenerated Charge
Total Charged Energy
EV Motor Speed
Actual EV Motor Torque
Average Trip kW Consumption
ECO-mode Enabled
EV Motor Temperature
EV Traction Battery Current
EV Traction Battery Potential
EV Battery State Of Charge
EV Remaining Battery Range
EV Remaining Battery Time
Charging Cable Dis-/Connected
Charging Status
Remaining Charging Time
Service Distance
Vehicle ID
Park Brake Switch
Headlight / Indicators
Doors Open Status*
Tachograph Driver ID 1+2
Axle Weight*
Installation manual
Brand Model Generation Year DCF
Vehicle Group
Supported with DCF from release date Status Parameters
BYD ETM6 2021+ BYD2-EV 16-06-2022
FUSO / Mitsubishi eCanter 2019+ MIF-EV 30-3-2022
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