Besides developing telematics solutions for the automotive industry, Squarell’s technology can also be used to gather data from trains, locomotive (cockpits) and associated rail vehicles.

Example solution for monitoring energy efficiency of train-cars

Squarell’s sophisticated hardware for reading CAN data can collect a wide range of train parameter data at the customer’s request.


To monitor the current fuel level of a rail-car (in the front and the back), a SOLID Pro-train Vehicle Data Interface is used to gather the desired train parameter data. The interface sends the data to the customer’s office via the available modem. There they can analyse the data to optimise the energy efficiency of the trains.

Squarell’s solution only needs a minimal amount of hardware devices because we offer a ready-made system which includes the reading of data, processing of data and sending of data.

Squarell field engineers installing a Train Performance Monitor system

Ready-made telematics solution for rail vehicles

To get your own customised Train Performance Monitor system, contact our sales team for information. You can find some of the possibilities of our solutions on the telematics solutions page.