Data2Track – Your onboard assistant

Data2Track - Your on board assistant

Data2Track BV has been offering solutions in the field of global positioning (GPS) and data communication since 1995. The company originally exploited Siemens-Datrak network, which was developed specifically for that application. With our solutions, customers can track and control their vehicles at any time on a screen.

Over the years, Data2Track has gathered an enormous amount of knowledge in the field of global positioning and data communication. This has resulted in a large number of services and products that have been developed over the years for our customers. We continue to develop and innovate. For example, we moved away from the Siemens-Data2Track network in 2007, switched to GPRS solutions, obtained a government type approval certificate for (solid) manure transport in the Netherlands and Belgium and developed our own Drivers app, which is packed with innovation and functionality.

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