Northern Ireland Business Communications


NIBC APPROACH: “Business improvement specialists delivering Mobile & Fleet management solutions that add Quality, Value & Service.”

Northern Ireland Business Communications Limited (NIBC Ltd) is an Independent company that specialise in the corporate management of mobile and fleet management solutions. The company has been established for 6 years and has already diversified into several marketplaces to maintain its growth and stability in constantly changing environments.




Squarell is our chosen CANbus provider of interfaces, we work with them very closely to ensure that we deliver quality integrated solutions to our customers and are confident in the delivery of accurate data, They also ensure that we are kept up to date with all on-going product development.

Corcra – Fleet Management & Communications


Corcra is at the forefront of the very latest technology in the industry, working with the very best equipment to improve the efficiency of your business, providing you with the valuable information to increase your profits, productivity & the overall business performance.

Established in 2013, Corcra Limited, the sister business of Northern Ireland Business Communications (NIBC) in Antrim, is now a market leading fleet management solutions producer & an award winning telecommunications provider.