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Processing valuable vehicle data

The FLEX is part of the Squarell product range for interfacing vehicle data to telematics systems. The FLEX collects valuable information from vehicles such as trucks, light commercial vehicles, buses, passenger cars and industrial machines. The data is processed by unique Squarell algorithms and supplied to advanced automotive applications for telematics, real-time monitoring, measurement & control systems and interface solutions.

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The added value for your telematics solutions

The FLEX offers added value to your telematics solutions thanks to the extensive configuration possibilities, the large support for (custom) functionalities and the many connection options of the interface device. In addition to the standard parameters from the fleet management system (FMS), the FLEX can also process and interpret additional calculated and non-calculated parameters from a wide range of network bus sources.

Squarell Technology delivers reliable bespoke vehicle data applications to take your telematics solutions to the next level.

Advanced connectivity enables effortless integration

The FLEX FMS interface can process input data from CAN bus, SAE J1708, K-line and proprietary networks. The FLEXoutputs produce universal data in CAN (FMS/J1939) or RS-232 (ASCII) standards, thus the perfect universal interface for your telematics systems and the utilized modems.

Remote tacho download extension

The FLEX reads tachograph information via K-line and processes the original signal to a CAN message. Therefore, the vehicle no longer needs to be visited for the tacho download.

FLEX interface benefits

  • Brand independent: one solution for the entire fleet
  • Standardised and uniform vehicle data from trucks, vans, buses, passenger cars, industrial machines and more
  • More vehicle parameters than the standard FMS parameters

  • Functionality extendable with “Special Function Devices”
  • A reliable and affordable alternative to the FMS interface of truck manufacturers
  • Non-intrusive installation with patented CAN data readers

  • Bespoke solutions: from fuel reduction and driver safety to trip analysis and eco-friendly driving

  • Integrated tachograph solution compliant with EU tachograph download legislation
  • Durable and re-usable product, ready for future upgrades

Extensive support for vehicle parameters

The FLEX outputs data in the form of CAN (FMS/J1939) or RS-232 signals, they contain the standard FMS and J1939 parameters. In addition, the FLEX can also process or calculate Squarell-specific parameters.

Examples of Squarell parameter applications

Safety parameters: increase the safety of drivers and their cargo. Read more ›

Vehicle and performance parameters: reduce vehicle wear and tear and reduce maintenance costs. Read more ›

Trip-analysis parameters: stimulate (environmentally) conscious driving behaviour and reduce fuel costs. Read more ›

Event data recorder parameters: log analysis data just before and after certain events. Read more ›

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List of vehicle parameters

Please note: not all parameters from the list are available for every vehicle. The availability of the data depends on the make, model, year and configuration of the vehicle. Check supported vehicle list.

Connecting the FLEX to a vehicle

In this example, the FLEX is installed in a vehicle and reads CAN data via the CANcliQ and tachograph data via the K-line. Two Special Function Devices are connected: the DatacliQ for reading J1708 signals and the Driver Awareness Panel to give the driver feedback about his or her driving behaviour. The universal data from the FLEX is sent via two other connections: one to the telematics system in the vehicle and one to the available modem.

Connecting the FLEX to a vehicle

Additional information

Squarell products are robust and reliable in any environment

The FLEX is designed for use in automotive and harsh environments. Special casing, high-quality components and dust and water resistant (IP67) connectors guarantee a long-lasting operating time. The FLEX is an e-Mark certified device for the automotive industry.

Software for remote management of FLEX devices

FLEX devices are managed with the Squarell ExpertView software: a web application to see which software profiles are loaded on the devices and to select new configuration files and firmware. ExpertView communicates with iUpload: an application to update the devices over-the-air with new firmware and configuration files.

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Product variants


  • FMS interface with CAN input
  • J1708 input
  • K-line input
  • CAN output (FMS/J1939)
  • RS232 female output (ASCII)
  • 2x Special Function Device ports


  • FMS interface with CAN input
  • CAN output (FMS/J1939)
  • RS232 output (ASCII)
  • 3x Special Function Device ports


  • FMS interface with CAN input
  • J1708 input
  • CAN output (FMS/J1939)
  • RS232 output (ASCII)
  • 3x Special Function Device ports


  • FMS interface with CAN input
  • K-line input
  • CAN output (FMS/J1939)
  • RS232 output (ASCII)
  • 3x Special Function Device ports

Telematics Development Kit

With the Telematics Development Kit (TDK), you are able to install the FLEX in vehicles equipped with CAN bus. The TDK is the starter kit that includes all the high tech you need to create your own telematics vehicle data solution.

With this kit you are able to:
  • Make an on desk simulation for a driving truck
  • Make CAN bus scans from vehicles
  • Replay CAN bus scans in your on desk simulation
  • Load new software into the Squarell FLEX device
  • Install the FLEX in a truck connected to your telematics solution
  • Understand the Squarell output
  • Upgrade your telematics solution to a higher level
Kit contents:
  • 2 FLEX devices
  • J1708 DatacliQ cable
  • USB cable with a RS232 connector
  • Combined cable with power supply
  • 2 CANcliQ covers
  • DatacliQ cover
  • Software: iUpload, iCheck, Docklight, Expertview
  • User manuals
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