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ExpertView/device management

PrintExpertView is a system built for Squarell customers to manage their devices. It is a web application that also communicates with the Squarell iUpload software. You can select the latest firmware, software profiles or DCF’s (Device Configuration File). The system works with authorisation tiers. Depending on the level granted to you, you will have access to the various functionalities.


iConfigure logo_defiCheck is an easy tool to perform a quick installation check. It can be installed on a laptop and shows you the RS232 output of the Device. Once you see the most important parameters coming through, you will be sure of the installation of the Squarell Device with the correct CANbus, J1708 and/or K-line. Currently iCheck only works together with Squarell DCF’s with RS232 output. If you like to use it with your customer specific DCF, please contact your local account manager.


iUpload logoWith iUpload, it is easy to update a device with the latest firmware and choose the correct DCF for the device. iUpload is a program that can be connected to our server. As such, all our customers can load the latest Firmware and new DCF’s into their devices.

DCF (Device Configuration File)

Our technicians are always busy improving our DCF’s and adding new functions. We make changes to support new vehicle types and models. It is also possible to add your customer specific requirements. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss.