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How would you check if the correct trailer is coupled to the tractor unit? With the Squarell Trailer ID system, you have this information available on your tractor and telematics system. The system transmits the Trailer ID to the truck using existing wires.


Trailer ID leaflet (PDF)

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The Squarell Trailer ID solution comprises of 2 devices:

Trailer ID Sender Trailer ID Transceiver
TrailerID Trailer Data for SOLID
A tiny sender connected to the brake light inside the rear lamp cluster of the trailer. The sender has just 2 wires connected to ground and brake signal wire. Pre-crimped connectors install the sender with ease. A small and smart device in the tractor unit. A sense wire is connected to the brake light wire, two wires for power supply and two CAN J1939 wires as output for the Trailer ID signal.

One, two or more trailers?

The Trailer ID solution is FMS J1939 compatible. This makes it easy to connect to all Squarell interfaces, but can also operate in an existing CAN network without any other Squarell solutions. Ask your account manager for more information.

Trailer ID system supports trailer configurations like long vehicles, dolly pull, or road train rigs. Up to 20 (!) trailers can be identified in one road train.

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Couple and uncouple

If the trailer is coupled to the tractor, the Trailer ID sender sends its trailer id. At uncouple, the Trailer ID system sends the message that the trailer is disconnected.

Part of a total communication system

Trailer ID is the first solution in a completely new range of trailer solutions that will become available on the Squarell Trailer Data System.

Product limitations

  • In a few occasions, this product can not easily be installed on some of the new Euro 6 vehicles
  • There is a known issue reported, wherein some occasions the Trailer ID sends a not legitimate uncouple message. However, this can be solved on your customer’s server side.

Please contact your account manager for more details on these limitations.

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