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Squarell FMS

Squarell FMS is a vehicle data solution with extensive parameter support for all brands and models in a fleet.

Even if the FMS-Standard option is not enabled in a truck, you still can use Squarell FMS to implement fleet management.

Please contact our account manager for a bespoke solution.

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The benefits

  • Tailor-made and fair solution

  • Reliable vehicle data

  • Standardized fleet data

  • Extensive parameter support

  • Support for all vehicles in the fleet

Squarell FMS data solution is THE alternative to the FMS-Standard

Squarell FMS (Fleet Management System) data

Squarell FMS is an advanced solution to serve as an alternative to the costly FMS-Standard option in trucks of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The solution uses Squarell’s advanced vehicle data interfaces in combination with contactless CAN bus and data readers. Read more about Squarell hardware in the section How it works ↓.

Squarell hardware is versatile and expandable: in addition to the FMS parameters, the telematics solutions are limitless. Look in the sidebar on the left for other solutions.

Nine differences between Squarell FMS and FMS-Standard

Squarell FMS FMS-Standard
Squarell’s advanced vehicle data interfaces are compliant with the FMS-Standard. The FMS-Standard must be activated by the manufacturer. Additional costs may be charged.
The wide range of vehicle parameters exceeds the FMS-Standard parameters. FMS-Standard parameters only.
Expandable, tailor-made data solutions, as requested by your customer or partner. Tailored vehicle parameters are not available.
Obtain data in universal standards including SAE J1939, FMS-Standard CAN or RS-232 messages. Outputs FMS-Standard CAN messages only.
Vehicle signals are extracted directly from the CAN bus, ensuring pure and reliable vehicle data. Vehicle data has to pass through the FMS gateway first.
Because the data remains in your own fleet management solution, data protection is guaranteed. If you are using Remote FMS (rFMS), you will need to transfer your data through a (third party) cloud server.
Compatible with all major vehicle brands: trucks, buses, vans, cars. Only support for trucks and buses equipped with FMS-Standard.
Vehicle data is comparable between all types of brands and models in a fleet. Comparing data from different vehicles requires data conversions.
Retrofit vehicles with FMS-Standard from Squarell, including all of its benefits. Not possible.

How it works

Squarell FMS (Fleet Management System) data

Squarell’s vehicle data interfaces REMOTE and SOLID use a patented contactless CAN reader – the CANcliQ – which reads vehicle data directly from the CAN bus. This data is processed by the vehicle data interface and transmitted in a universal standard. The patented technology ensures that you are protected from warranty and liability issues.

Squarell delivers customer-specific vehicle data in the format of your choice, such as FMS/J1939 or RS-232 (ASCII). Squarell also reads data that is normally only available with proprietary equipment. The data is sent to the modem or Bluetooth device of your choice.

Squarell FMS (Fleet Management System) data

The limitations of using data from built-in Fleet Management Systems

An OEM‘s FMS system is not enabled by default in every vehicle. It is expensive to activate it for an entire fleet. And even then, there is no guarantee that all the desired data can be processed in your fleet management system.

A built-in FMS system often only supports the standard FMS parameters, while Squarell’s technology makes it possible to support more parameters.