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Squarell offers the Remote Tachograph Download (RTD) vehicle data solution, besides the Real-time Tachograph Data and the Remaning Driving Times solution. Watch the video below!

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What is Remote Tachograph Download?

Remote Tachograph Download is a function for digital tachographs in Europe. The tachograph download is a legal requirement and must be performed periodically. The download of tachograph data consists of two parts:

Driver card data (every three weeks) Tachograph mass memory (every three months)
  • Via a smart card reader in the transport office
  • Via a portable reader
  • Via remote download
  • Via a portable reader
  • Via remote download

The mass memory download is a labour intensive activity, it requires access to the vehicle and a company card (identifying that you are allowed to download that tachograph) to download data. With the Squarell remote download, you are able to download both the driver card(s) and the tachograph mass memory without accessing the vehicle. The company card needs to be in a card reader in the transport office and the tachographs need to be connected to the Squarell interface.

The Squarell RTD solution

The digital tachograph continuously stores data in the internal memory and driver’s card. The internal memory stores data from the last 365 days of the vehicle. Data stored on the driver’s pass and data contained in the internal memory must be downloaded periodically (as mentioned above). This data must be stored in DDD files for inspection by public authorities.

With a Squarell FLEX or SOLID (which has loaded the RTD profile), it is possible to perform the required downloads via the Remote Tachograph Download without having to go to the vehicle.

With the Squarell RTD implementation, the transport company can put the company card in a card reader at the back office. The card reader is connected to the tachograph via the telematic service provider’s modem together with the FLEX or SOLID. Now, the (inserted) driver card and the vehicle data in the internal memory can be read. All data of the tachograph can be merged into DDD files to be saved and stored.

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