Squarell offers Bluetooth dongles to wirelessly transmit vehicle data from the Squarell data interface devices to mobile devices. Take advantage of the price drop of the Squarell Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy) modules: order Squarell Bluetooth modules.

Upgrade your telematics system with mobile Bluetooth connectivity

Why do you need Squarell Bluetooth modules?

Squarell Bluetooth modules are used in conjunction with the Squarell FLEX or SOLID vehicle data interface devices. The Bluetooth dongle acts as a wireless bridge between the data interface and the driver’s mobile device and works on both Android and iOS devices. The module sends vehicle data in real-time to the user’s device to provide him or her with relevant information. Bluetooth can replace the usual RS-232 connection to the modem in your vehicle. Of course, RS-232 connectivity is still possible.

For example: the Driver Awareness Panel

Use a Bluetooth dongle in combination with the Driver Awareness Panel (DAP) solution: a Bluetooth connection allows the vehicle data to be displayed in the mobile DAP app so that the driver’s driving behaviour can be adjusted at the right time. Do you need a Bluetooth solution tailored to your needs? Please contact us below for the possibilities.

Upgrade your telematics system with mobile Bluetooth connectivity

How to get vehicle data solutions using Bluetooth

The Squarell dongles are available in two flavours: a Bluetooth 2.1 module for older (Android) devices and a Bluetooth 4.0 LE module for recent iOS and Android devices. Would you like to receive vehicle parameter data directly and wirelessly on the driver’s mobile device?

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