Squarell introduces Advanced Tell Tales, the solution to provide real-time insight into vehicle condition. The accurate information from these signals allows for timely intervention and maintenance of vehicles leading to more efficient operational management.

  • Squarell laat ook bij de fleetmanager een dashboardlampje oplichten
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Monitoring warning signals from the vehicle enables the Fleet Manager to act in a timely manner. This could include recalling the vehicle for immediate maintenance or alerting the driver. This saves costs, such as repairing engine damage or towing the vehicle.

Safety can be ensured via warnings about low tyre pressure, critical fluid levels or a brake system in need of maintenance. The performance of the transport company increases through improved reliability, continuity of service and therefore reduced loss of revenue.

The Squarell Advanced Tell Tales solution consists of up to 64 warning signals and is available for Euro 6 trucks and buses. Existing users of Squarell equipment can easily expand by performing an OTA upload.

Advanced Tell Tales