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The most advanced software solutions for the transport industry…

We provide our customers with innovation – not just products or services. We have the most advanced software solutions for the transport industry and through our research and development, we are constantly adding to what we offer. We listen to our customer requests and understand the needs of the transport industry.
Improve how you manage everyday tasks – from planning fleet routes for increased efficiency to in-depth key performance and safety metrics on driver infringements and bad driving habits. Our powerful set of integrated software will help you automate and integrate your real-time data instantly, which will help drive significant operational efficiencies and reduce costs to your business.

Road Tech solutions

A powerful set of 5 integrated software solutions delivers real-time visibility and an increase in driver safety, security and compliance. Gain greater control over your fleet and eradicate inefficiencies within your business today.

Turn insight into action and make the right decisions at vital times. Give your business the competitive advantage it deserves.

Our five software products include:

  • Tachomaster
  • Falcon Tracking
  • Roadrunner
  • Checkmaster
  • PreDrive

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Shenley, United Kingdom