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ENO telecom GmbH - Ihr ITK Distributor

You have found it – the distributor who quickly and easily delivers the right product at the right market price. To you, directly to your customer, with an adapted interface and without much effort for you.

ENO telecom GmbH is one of the leading distributors in the ICT sector. As a multi-channel full-service distributor, ENO offers products and support in the areas of mobile communications, fixed network, network marketing, smart home, home entertainment, navigation, car entertainment, telematics and accessories.

ENO takes over the complete logistics fulfillment for the trade. The extensive range of services supports the partners with advertising design, marketing and acquisition concepts, Facebook management, a merchandise management system, a WHITElabel online shop system and an app, service via their own repair center as well as personnel consulting or expansion concepts.


Telecommunications, Distribution, Network Marketing, Mobile Communications, Fixed Network, Unified Communication, Smart Home, Telematics, Navigation, Wearables, Smartphones en Tablets/Laptops/Notebooks



Address headquarters

Nordhorn, Germany