Sgpi – Éditeur de logiciels pour l’Agri-Agro

Sgpi – Éditeur de logiciels pour l’Agri-Agro

About Sgpi

For 30 years, Sgpi is specialized in publishing software for milk collection and processing companies.

What Sgpi offers

Subsidiary of the Adventiel group since early 2016, Sgpi’s activity is expanding to the many cooperatives in the agri-agro market, thanks to their two software suites. The Sgpi teams have real functional know-how and recognized skills in these areas. Sgpi’s customers are present in Europe and the Maghreb.

Success story: collaborating in advanced fleet management

This is an excerpt of an interview between Sgpi and Squarell International Account Manager Patrice Laclavère, published in the Sgpi newsletter. Read the original (in French).

The solution

FMS data system for tracking and monitoring milk collection trucks with the aim of improving the ecological footprint and optimising fleet management.

Sgpi and Squarell: a partnership to best fulfil the client’s needs

The merger was initiated following a call for tenders from an Sgpi customer. This customer was looking for a system that would allow him to recover FMS data from his trucks in order to optimise the management of his fleet. After determining the client’s needs, Sgpi and Squarell came up with a solution for testing with the client. The client was able to equip its first trucks with the test system. Sgpi took care of managing the routes and displaying the data and Squarell took care of the technical part for recovering the FMS data. The test went very well and a few weeks later Squarell received an order from the client to equip its trucks. The exchanges between Sgpi, Squarell and the customer have also made it possible to identify additional customer needs, in particular with regard to the recovery of tank data in order to reduce the number of SIM cards in the customer’s telematic boxes.

FMS vehicle data system

Squarell developed the FLEX/SOLID vehicle data interfaces for the collection, processing and producing of various types of vehicle parameters, for example the FMS-Standard parameters. If a customer does not want to activate the FMS connection on the truck (for economic reasons) or wants more parameters than those included in the Standard-FMS (e.g. predictive maintenance), Squarell can come to the rescue.

Read more about the SOLID vehicle data interface →

The Squarell vehicle data interface collects data via a contactless induction reader: the CANcliQ. Its installation is non-intrusive, avoiding any risk of truck interference. The data interface gives access to additional data such as accident detection, whether or not safety belts are used, the activation of windscreen wipers, lighting, etc. To access this data, the Squarell data interface connects to the CAN bus network to retrieve messages directly from the vehicle. This FMS interface deciphers all vehicle protocols and works on all trucks, regardless of make.

Why use the FMS system as part of Mobile collect?

Within the framework of the Sgpi Mobile Collect module, various data linked to the milk collection (ride number, collection point, movements, etc.) can be entered by the driver. However, these data did not relate to the truck itself and were not automatically uploaded. This partnership between Sgpi and Squarell responds to a problem that our customers in the milk sector are increasingly encountering: the monitoring of trucks in order to optimise fleet management.

Sgpi – Squarell partnership: a collaboration of two complementary companies

The relationship between Squarell and Sgpi is very good. “In three words I will describe it as open, honest and flexible.” Claims Patrice. SGPI has long been established in the dairy sector and in particular in the transport of dairy products, and Squarell is the specialist in collecting FMS data on the CAN bus of vehicles; everyone’s skills are perfectly adapted to the needs and wishes of the customers.

Would you like to optimise the monitoring and your knowledge of your truck fleet?