About Multiwireless – Communicating Future

Multiwireless Limited is an official representative and distributor of prestigious technology brands.

Multiwireless has the know-how and delivers support and training to its customers, incorporating innovation and development (R&D) in the process of developing and manufacturing accessories. Their team has strong technical and commercial skills that support their business model.

Multiwireless represented companies are LS Cables & Systems, Enfora, Cellocator, Queclink and Zoom Technologies.


Case study

Multiwireless chose for Squarell because of our experience with and the extensive support of (smaller) trucks. They build their own platform just for Squarell devices with the purpose of saving fuel.

Multiwireless ran a pilot for different hardware dealers, Honeywell among others. The first pilot showed fuel savings of 17,2% by making use of the Squarell Driver Awareness Panel (DAP). This success had led to the currently running pilot for 700 busses (for a period of five months).

Success story

We’re extremely pleased with the results of the first pilot. The fuel savings of 17,2% is way above our expectations. Squarell Technology really is the added value we were looking for.