Car Delivery Network


The Car Delivery Network (CDN) was formed in 2010 by Wayne Pollock, Mike Thorby and Chris Wallis.

Car Delivery Network is a company of logistics technologists who passionately believe that modern software, combined with free thinking from like minded industry users, can bring positive benefits to automotive logistics service providers, shippers and their customers. At CDN, we do not accept the phrase of „because we have always done it that way“. We constantly ask why and what if?

Case study

Car Delivery Network (CDN) has selected Squarell to be its hardware partner to provide Hours of Service (HoS) functionality to car haulers and truck operators in the USA. CDN will use the Squarell product to provide real time truck information to drivers as well as using the data to ensure HoS compliance for eLogs and driver time.

The Squarell product will be connected to the CANbus in the Truck and use the Bluetooth connector to securely deliver CANbus data to a drivers Android tablet.

The tablet will run CDN’s vinDELIVER and HoS application informing the driver of freight state and status as well as Hours of Service information enabling the driver to manage his trips, stops and service breaks. The application will also provide the driver feedback on their driving style helping to save fuel and drive better.

The information will be transmitted from the device to the CDN’s cloud servers enabling dispatchers and logistics personnel to make freight allocation decisions based on driver time as well as freight availability and location.

This is a quantum leap for Trucking in the USA, by combining freight information and Hours of Service, a driver is able to better manage his day and dispatchers are able to make better decisions helping to optimise truck loading and utilisation. We see the connected truck as the next step in 21st century logistics and Squarell as a key building block for this.
Mike Thorby - CTO, Car Delivery Network