With a Squarell vehicle data interface in your vehicles it is possible to make the Mercedes-Benz Spinter visible in fleet management platforms like Fleetboard (by Mercedes-Benz). The Squarell vehicle data interface collects the FMS data needed to include the van in your fleet management system. It is even possible to read out more advanced parameters than the Standard-FMS parameters.

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Vehicle data for all your vans

Of course the solution to show vehicle data in your fleet management platforms is also possible with other vans, for example the Mercedes-Benz Vito. Squarell aims to support all vehicles that our customers use. Beside Fleetboard the collected FMS-data can also be used in combination with other fleet management platforms like those of Volvo (Dynafleet), RIO, DAF Connect, Transics, Trimble, Rietveld, Vehco, Fleets-Online and so on.

How do I display my van data in my fleet management platform?

That is very simple: order a vehicle data interface from Squarell with matching contactless data reader (CANcliQ/DatacliQ). Through plug-and-play installation we help you to get a vehicle data solution for all your vehicles.

Please contact our account manager for more information on which data interface, FLEX/SOLID/REMOTE, you need for which applications.

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