About us

Our vision

Focus on long term sustainable relations with our customers to deliver bespoke and optimized solutions.

Our vision

We focus on long-term sustainable relations with our customers to become aware of the challenges you face. By understanding our customers we are able to map the opportunities and deliver bespoke and optimized solutions. By providing the right information, the automotive industry can be more efficient, safer and less polluting.

Our mission

Deliver high quality data to improve performance of fleet management systems.

Our mission

It is our desire to deliver high-quality data that helps you to improve the performance of your Fleet Management System. Our customers are mainly telematics suppliers. We are a firm team and always keen on delivering the best solution for our customers and provide personal and accurate support if needed.
Squarell is the CAN bus and vehicle signal specialist. And this goes much further than merely collecting data, for we know exactly how to convert data into reliable information, a service we provide for practically all vehicles, off-road equipment, generator sets and motorized constructions.

Our history

Our gathered knowledge for over 30 years has proven to keep up with new developments and challenges.

Our history

We started in electronics solutions for harsh environments in the ’80s as a development team of an electronics production company CD-systems. During the ’90s, we started focusing on transport and automotive industry. Our products and the harvested data changed this sector. The team and developments grew. In 2003, Squarell was established as an independent sales and support company within the Buysman Holding Group (BHG). The gathered knowledge for over 30 years has proven to keep up with new developments and challenges. This know-how combined with young, creative and eager engineers enable us to take the products to a new level.

Company profile

Squarell is a world-leading independent provider of vehicle data solutions. The gathering and processing of vehicle data is only one part of the company’s activities. The benefit lies in the expertise of converting the wide variety of data into information, such as driver behaviour, vehicle performance, and predictive maintenance.

The standardization of data allows comparing different brands and types of vehicles. Moreover, Squarell adds valuable knowledge to the data presented, such as early-warning thresholds and limits, which make it possible for the fleet owner to take necessary measures to limit risks and save costs.

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Our telematics partners

We focus on long-term and sustainable relationships with our partners to become aware of the challenges they face. By understanding our partners, we are able to map opportunities and deliver bespoke and optimized solutions. Your benefits of becoming our partner:

  • Add a continuous revenue stream
  • Add value to your existing solutions
  • Reduce your churn rate
  • Support profitable niche markets
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Buysman Holding Group

Buysman Holding GroupSquarell is a member of Buysman Holding Group (BHG). For the most challenging solutions, we are glad to work closely with the best technical engineers and programmers within the BHG.

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Meet the Squarell team


A highly qualified and passionate group of experts with years of experience en know-how. We work worldwide and have account managers based on several continents. We believe in long-term relations with our customers and focus on being a reliable partner. The automotive industry is constantly developing, we pursue to be up-to-date on a daily basis and offer you state of the art, high-quality solutions and personal support if needed. Our departments complement each other.

Peter Buijsman


Founder and CEO

Founder Peter Buijsman is dedicated to creating smart and sustainable products that monitor and improve processes. Reduce environmental and financial impact and thereby contribute to a healthy environment and business. Peter is a positive thinker and inspiration to the company. Inventors blood is running through his veins.

Always fascinated by technology and improvement of systems. Starting at making high-quality products in the ’80 to measure and regulate processes and making life less complicated for the end customer. From products in industrial processes, to building climate and automotive solutions. Squarell is founded in 2003 as a sales-portal to provide the automotive industry with the valuable and reliable data which is needed to improve this business.

The Squarell team

Sandra van Gelderen


Office Manager

Geert Jonkheer


Technical Engineer

Rob Knopper



Enos Kruijtbosch


Head of Marketing

Don Ottenhof


Technical Engineer

Jaap Visser


Project Management Officer

Peter van Vliet


Graphic Designer

Gerard Willemse


International Account Manager

Danny van Zijl


Technical Engineer