Often, the cargo in the trailer is more valuable than the entire truck. However, information is only collected from the trailer when it is connected to a truck. If the trailer is disconnected and parked in a parking lot, you know nothing.

Trailer Box, our trailer data collection device can gather information about the weight and temperature of the cargo, the VIN number, the mileage, the doors, the tire pressure system, maintenance, GPS location, behaviour on the road, theft during parking, the braking system, and the cooling unit.

Trailer Box: trailer data collection device

This device is mounted in a IP67 waterproof casing and reads ISO11992 bus messages through the non-intrusive DatacliQ. In addition to this highly secure method of reading, the Trailer Box can also retrieve data from the telematics port, TPMS, and the cooling unit.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS

We can read the tyre pressure parameters of a new trailer on the ISO 11992 CAN bus. The parameters of a retrofit tyre pressure system we can read directly from the tyre pressure system itself.

Truck Identification

The Bluetooth reader in the Trailer Box reads the Bluetooth beacon of the truck for identification. This reader can also read temperature sensors in the trailer.

G-force sensor

The G-force sensors in the Trailer Box can detect movements of the trailer. While driving, the measured G-force values can be sent to the home base. If trailer movement is detected while being parked, the trailer box becomes active and sends a message via the modem to the home base.

1-wire Sensor

A few ‘1-wire’ sensors can be connected to the Trailer Box. One ambient temperature sensor is already connected, the value can be sent to the home base during the hearth beat message.

Event Data Recorder

The EDR system is built-in the Trailer Box: trailer data collection device and provides on a high G-force value a set of parameters 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after the event.

Trailer location

An internal battery ensures that the GPS location is transmitted to the home base when the trailer is disconnected. A configured hearth beat can send some information a few times a day to the home base.

Quick installation

Due to the solid wiring structure in a trailer, obtaining information about the trailer is becoming increasingly difficult. Installation time and costs can therefore be high. Using a special 1-meter power extension cable, the power connection of the trailer is extended. In the middle of this cable, a solid waterproof branch is made on the uninterrupted power wires.

Squarell Trailer Box can find the following information on the trailer’s ISO11992 CAN and T-CAN:

  • VDC status

  • ROP status

  • ABS status

  • Amount of VDC and ABS activations

  • Trailer/vehicle speed

  • Red Warning Lamp

  • Amber Warning Lamp

  • Axle Load Sum

  • Axle Load

  • Trailer VIN

  • Trailer Odometer

  • Tyre Pressure status

  • Tyre Pressure

  • Brake Lining status

  • Brake Lining

  • Brake Temperature status

  • Pneumatic Supply status

  • Brand independent trailer monitoring system

  • Continuously monitoring your property and cargo

  • Compact GPS data with high location accuracy on the map

  • Quick installation due to the short power extension cable with uninterrupted power wires

  • Branch with power, CAN and ignition wires and waterproof connector

  • Non-intrusive ISO11992 CAN data reader guarantees an undisturbed CANbus

  • IP67 and UL94-VO box

  • Monitor the cool unit

  • Monitor your retrofit Tire Pressure Monitor System

  • Bluetooth receiver for identifying the truck and sensors

  • 3 same connectors for connecting different data networks

  • Connect the telematics CAN port from the brake system

  • One (or two) battery packs for location heart beat or tamper warning

  • G-force sensor for safety information and Event Data Recorder

  • 4G GPRS modem with 2G fall back, MQTT, TCP and HTTPS protocols

  • Waterproof SIM card holder with USB port

  • 3 LED indicate power, modem connection and software status

  • Connect a Special Function Device such as the Power Output Module (SFD POM)

  • Connect ‘1-wire’ temperature sensors

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