Often, the cargo in the trailer is more valuable than the entire truck. However, information is only collected from the trailer when it is connected to a truck. If the trailer is disconnected and parked in a parking lot, you know nothing.

Trailer Box: trailer data collection device

The Trailer Box, our trailer data collection device, can gather information about the cargo weight, vehicle weight, weight on a specific axle, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the mileage, the doors, the tire pressure system, maintenance data about brakes, fluids and yearly inspection, GPS/GNSS data (in case of theft or fleet management), theft during parking, the braking system, chassis data (axle counts, axle positions), air pressure information (tyres, suspension and brakes), road behaviour (brake and tyre usage) and the cooling unit. 

  • Brand independent trailer monitoring system

  • Continuously monitoring your property and cargo

  • Quick installation due to the short power extension cable with uninterrupted power wires 

  • Branch with power, CAN and ignition wires with a 5-pole waterproof connector

  • Non-intrusive ISO 11992 CAN data reader guarantees an undisturbed CAN bus 

  • Connect to the telematics CAN port of the trailer

  • Monitor the cool unit or any other additional control systems

  • Monitor your tyres with TPMS 

  • Compact GPS/GNSS data with high location accuracy on the map 

  • Bluetooth receiver for identifying the truck

  • G-force sensor for safety information and Event Data Recorder

  • 4G GPRS modem with 2G fall back, MQTT, TCP and HTTPS protocols

  • 3 similar connectors for connecting different data networks like CAN, RS232, 1-wire, SFD and 1 digital input 

  • Connect Special Function Devices such as the Power Output Module (SFD POM)

  • One (or two) battery packs for location heart beat, tamper warning and insights of your disconnected trailer

  • LED panel for power, modem connection, software status and Bluetooth

  • Waterproof IP67 box and UL94-VO box

  • The USB connection and the SIM card holder can be reached via a screwcap

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