Ordering process

Orders are normally filled within 24 business hours of receipt

Order goods

To order our products please mail us your purchase order via the order form below.

If you want to order via fax, please include the following company data:

  • Delivery address
  • Contact information purchasing department (telephone number)
  • Invoice address
  • Preferred delivery date
  • Specification and quantity of the goods, reference to the Squarell quotation or send the quotation as an appendix with the email.
  • VAT number (EU companies only)
  • UPS/FEDEX/TNT number to be used to ship the goods (only when you want to use your own courier service)

The order process

Pre-payment orders:

  • As soon we have received your purchase order we will send you a proforma invoice.
  • Use the order number as reference on your payment.
  • After payment is received the shipment will be made. Please note that an international bank transfer can take 3 days.
  • After shipping an invoice marked “Paid” is send. This invoice is for your administration.

Orders on account:

  • If you have an account at Squarell, we will confirm your order via e-mail.
  • Please check the order confirmation, use the order number as reference when you contact us.
  • We shall dispatch as soon as possible, or on the date requested by the client.

Request quotation

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    • All Squarell devices, cables and tools are packaged in antistatic sleeves.
    • In every sleeve, a product card is included. On this card, the product number, connections, picture and general information is printed.
    • Products are shipped in cartons, up to 15 devices per carton.
    • Multiple cartons are shipped in boxes with max 8 cartons each. We take care the weight per box does not exceed 30 kg.
    • On each box, a packing list is provided.
    • Invoices are sent separate by post-mail.


    • Before shipment, your account balance is checked. If there are open invoices which are overdue, we will contact you to clear these invoices.
    • Squarell uses courier services from DHL, TNT or UPS. If other postal services are to be used let us know in advance.
    • For exports to Australia, Canada and the USA , 5 copies of the invoice are included for customs processing.
    • For export to countries like Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, declarations of origin or other export documents are provided.
    • Tariff/taric code for devices: 8543709099, for cables: 85444290.