Why do you need safety parameters

Safety is an important topic for fleet owners: traffic is more hectic, time pressure is high and maintenance and insurance costs need to be controlled.

Squarell offers an extended range of parameters to improve the safety of your fleet and to give you more knowledge about how the vehicles in your fleet are used.

Besides the Fleet Management System (FMS) parameters, the following parameter data can be added to your telematics reports:

  • Are the lights turned on when the weather conditions require this?
  • Are the seat belts fastened for all the passengers?
  • Are the doors opened? Is the vehicle closed during the trips to ensure that your goods are transported safely?
  • Is the parking brake on?

These are just some examples of how to enrich your fleet management with safety parameters.

More valuable parameters

At present we have more than 350 parameters available from a vehicle, which we have divided into a number of groups, such as for efficiency, safety, maintenance, liability, environment, diagnosis and alarms.


  • Driver awareness improves safety
  • Know what’s going on with your cargo
  • Drive safe from A to B

  • Monitor safety issues across your fleet
  • Prevent (traffic) accidents


lights parameters

› Turn signal left hand/right hand
› Hazard lights
› Main lights
› High beam
› Brake lights
› Front fog lights
› Rear fog lights

Seat belts

seat belts

› Front left seatbelt buckled
› Front right seatbelt buckled
› Rear left seatbelt buckled
› Rear right seatbelt buckled
› Seat Belt Warning Light


doors parameters

› Front left door open
› Front right door open
› Rear left door open
› Rear right door open
› Trunk open
› Doors locked


wipers parameters

› Front wipers
› Rear wipers


general parameters

› Parking brake
› Ignition switch
› Engine running
› Vehicle moving
› Reverse direction switch

Other parameters

Learn more about which data is available on our supported vehicle page.

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