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SOLID is a multi-source vehicle data interface. It is part of the range of Squarell solutions for advanced vehicle data solutions. With configurable functionality and extended connectivity SOLID can be used in automotive applications like telematics, real-time monitoring, measurement and interfacing.

The Squarell SOLID offers more than just streaming data. It processes the latter to provide it to you in order to accomplish advanced fleet management.

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What is a Vehicle Data Interface?

A Vehicle Data Interface is an electronic device to read data from a vehicle data network and convert it into RS232 or other standardized protocols such as CANbus (FMS/J1939). This data is then standardised and therefore comparable for the entire fleet.

You can read data from a brand specific vehicle network with this interface. Most vehicles are ordered from the factory without FMS interface. With the Squarell solutions, you do not have to visit the truck dealer to activate the FMS gateway since our CANbus (FMS/J1939) interfaces are ready to use.

SOLID benefits

  • One solution for your entire fleet

  • Trucks, vans, cars

  • Analyse trip-, vehicle- and driver performance
  • Save fuel, induce safe driving and reduce CO2 emission

  • More data available than a manufacturer’s interface

  • Easy integration with telematics and modems
  • Output in CANbus (FMS / J1939) or RS232 (ASCII)

  • Non-intrusive installation with CANcliQ and DatacliQ

  • Standardised and uniform data for your entire fleet

Connecting the SOLID to a vehicle

The SOLID sends data by either an FMS/J1939 CANbus or RS232 output. This data contains the FMS standard parameters, J1939 parameters and also Squarell calculated parameters that can help you analyse and increase the vehicle performance, reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel.

Connecting the SOLID to a vehicle

Product variants


  • FMS interface with CAN input
  • CAN output (FMS/J1939)
  • RS232 output (ASCII)
  • 3x Special Function Device ports


  • FMS interface with CAN input
  • J1708 input
  • CAN output (FMS/J1939)
  • RS232 output (ASCII)
  • 3x Special Function Device ports


  • FMS interface with CAN input
  • K-line input
  • CAN output (FMS/J1939)
  • RS232 output (ASCII)
  • 3x Special Function Device ports

Telematics Development Kit

With the Telematics Development Kit (TDK), you are able to install the SOLID in vehicles equipped with CAN bus. The TDK is the starter kit that contains all the high tech you need to create your own telematics vehicle data solution.

With this kit you are able to:
  • Make an on desk simulation for a driving truck
  • Make CAN bus scans from vehicles
  • Replay CAN bus scans in your on desk simulation
  • Load new software into the Squarell SOLID device
  • Install the SOLID in a truck connected to your telematics solution
  • Understand the Squarell output
  • Upgrade your telematics solution to a higher level
Kit contents:
  • 2 SOLID-J devices
  • J1708 DatacliQ cable
  • USB cable with a RS232 connector
  • Combined cable with power supply
  • 2 CANcliQ covers
  • DatacliQ cover
  • Software: iUpload, iCheck, Docklight, Expertview
  • User manuals
Man with TDK kit