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Are you already a Squarell customer? Then you can find software downloads in the Support Portal.


iControl: software suite for Squarell hardware

iControl is the all-in-one software solution to make your Squarell vehicle data collection device ready for use.

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The software suite contains:

  • Update: upload firmware and hardware profiles to the Squarell device (previously known as iUpload),
  • Check: check the device and vehicle parameter data (previously known as iCheck),
  • Configure: send and receive messages to and from the device and configure settings (previously known as Docklight).

iControl is the ideal companion for Squarell’s latest product, the REMOTE: the one box solution that combines a vehicle data collection device with modem functionality.

ExpertView: web app for device management

Squarell ExpertViewExpertView is a platform built for Squarell customers to manage their devices. It is a web application that also communicates with the Squarell iControl software. You can select the latest firmware, software profiles or DCFs (see below). The system works with authorization levels. Depending on the level you are granted, you can access the different functionalities.

DCF (Device Configuration File)

Our engineers are always working on improving our DCFs and adding new functions. We make changes to support new vehicle types and models. It is also possible to add your customer-specific requirements. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss this.