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After the launch of the CANcliQ, Squarell introduced the new and innovative DatacliQ. The CANcliQ could be used on a direct CANbus. Due to extensive development, the DatacliQ can now also be used to retrieve data off a J1708 bus, an ISO11992 bus.
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How the DatacliQ is connected

How the DatacliQ is connected

With the DatacliQ, we can retrieve data from several sources continuing to offer better and more complete vehicle data solutions. While we ensure that retrieving vehicle data is non-intrusive, we offer a more complete and rich user experience.

At this moment Squarell has DatacliQ’s available to read CANbus, J1708 or ISO11992.


Freedom to Operate for all our CANcliQ and DatacliQ devices

We like to inform you that Squarell Technology has entered into a formal license agreement with Masternaut S.A.S. concerning all patents originating from the patent applications WO 2007/042651 sharing the priority documents FR20050010343 and FR20060000321, including but not limited to United States patent US 8,548,099, as granted on 1 October 2013, and the national parts of the European patent published under number EP 1.941.656, as granted on 4 August 2010, and titled “Device for reading information on a digital bus without a wire connection to the network”.

This means that we have certainty that all our CANcliQ and DatacliQ products have full freedom to operate, allowing our customers to freely buy, sell and use our products without any risk with respect to mentioned intellectual property rights.

The agreement concerns the right on production, marketing, sale and use of our products worldwide and is retroactively effective for all Squarell products.

If you have any questions concerning this topic, please feel free to contact us.

Key features

  • No wire to wire connection
  • 100% non-intrusive technology
  • Safe and reliable reading of Vehicle data
  • No soldering, wire cutting or crimping
  • Wires stays intact
  • Quick installation