Squarell helps to reach your targets in terms of energy efficient driving your vehicles. You can reduce CO₂ emission, wear and tear and fuel consumption!

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6-16% fuel savings!

You save a huge amount of fuel by using the vehicle data solutions from Squarell!

fuel reductionBetter driving: Did you know that 50% of the fuel savings can be achieved by better driving? Squarell helps you in achieving better driving and a lower fuel bill. By measuring the driving behaviour via the vehicle data interface you can see why fuel consumption is out of line and how to take immediate action. Just knowing the litres of fuel used is not enough; you need to know what the causes are for bad fuel consumption. And by focussing on these causes you will save more than 5% on fuel.

Cruise control: Do you know if your driver drives a smooth and even trip? By measuring the cruise control usage and steady drive state you can analyse efficient driving. Driving an international truck while using cruise control less than 25% means too much fuel usage!

Excessive rpm: Truck technology changes fast, new Euro 4 and 5 engines have an optimum RPM range which is 10-20% lower than Euro 2 and 3 engines. Does your driver know? Did your driver adapt his driving style? Excessive RPM can raise your fuel bill by 3%!

Excessive engine power: Your truck has a lot of power, but do you always need it to be on time or does your driver uses its power just because? Excessive engine power usage, acceleration or uneven driving raises your fuel bill with another 2%

Optimized vehicle configuration: Do you know if your truck has the best driveline to perform your transport task? Vehicle data gives you the information if your driveline is up to the task. We see a lot of trucks with possible configuration problems. If you are aware of the importance of this, your next truck will be chosen on the actual operation. Increase your knowhow, reduce your operational costs. Badly configured trucks can raise your fuel bill by 5%!

Lower maintenance: Vehicle data can lower your maintenance cost by showing you the trend in decreased performance, engine temperatures and diagnostics. How much does a breakdown cost you. Pro active maintenance is a real cost saver, and the data is available. Data about amount of brake applications and brake duration is a good starting point.

More control: Know about the fuel consumption, mileage, working time directive and truck performance. This gives you more control over your fleet and your transport. It will significantly reduce costs.

fuel saving solutions

Squarell solutions to save fuel.

Squarell fuel saving solutions are available for trucks, vans and selected models of cars.

We have 3 types of product lines to help you save fuel:

  • Vehicle data collection devices: Devices to get data out of a vehicle, process the data in important information and transfers this to a modem, PC or telematics system. This product is extremely popular for telematics providers to extend their offering with vehicle data, fuel monitoring and performance applications. Integration with CAN bus is within reach without huge investments and knowledge build up.
  • Driver Awareness Panel: The Squarell Driver Awareness Panel (DAP) makes drivers aware of their driving style. It’s an incab “on the job” assistance tool to save fuel and achieve direct results. DAP actively monitors the vehicle CAN bus and analyses the CAN bus data. The DAP calculates and compares the data against fleet and vehicle performance standards. When appropriate the DAP signals good or bad driving behaviour during the trip. This method makes the driver aware of his driving style and lets him act accordingly. Various Squarell algorithms are implemented such as harsh driving, high RPM and anticipated driving.
  • Telematics Solutions with Partners: Partner solutions build with Squarell Technology. We present them on our telematics brand pages

Our benefits

  • Save fuel consumption
  • Induce safe driving
  • Reduce CO₂ emission
  • Reduces wear
  • Help save the planet

Squarell products that will fit in eco driving solutions

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