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Squarell offers reliable vehicle data and services to take your telematics and fleet management to a completely new level. › be in control

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Our benefits

Squarell’s technology allows us to develop and offer one of the most powerful solution in the advanced fleet management industry: FlotasNet®. This tool is the complete telematics solution for transportation companies to increase their competitiveness, cost savings and total control of their fleet.

Hand in hand with Squarell, Fagor is leading in the market thanks to the accuracy and added value solutions, adapted to every project.

Together with Squarell we created fuel saving solutions for various fleets: EasyDrive. One of our customers already reduced their fuel consumption by 8%.

Other fleet results showed a saving of 800% on idling time. This reduced the fuel used during idling from 4 litres per day to 0,6 litres. By this, the fleet company saves 4.000 litres per month!

We chose Squarell because of the wide range of supported vehicles. We’re very happy with the initial results of almost 11% savings on fuel. We’re keen to work with Squarell on the next steps: developing a new driver scoring system with the aid of the DAP.

The intention is to rate driving based on time not distance, as distances can be very short. Safe driving and efficiency are both to be considered and will affect overall scoring. Together with Squarell, we’re able to conquer our challenges to make the world a more eco-friendly place.


Squarell fuel saving costs calculator

Calculations are based on Squarell solutions for saving fuel costs. You can save more costs using solutions for reducing wear and tear and improve safe driving (preventing possible traffic accidents).

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