Fuelsaver Technologies

logo Fuelsaver Technologies is a UK based partner focused on reducing fuel consumption. They are working with Hull City Council on their fleet of refuse vehicles. More information on fuelsaver-tech.com.

Why they chose Squarell Technology

Squarell FLEX devices were selected due to their ability to operate with a wide range of vehicles, add support for new vehicles and the possibility to modify the DCF to meet the specific customer/application requirements.

Case study

The Fuelsaver case was a challenging application due to the unusual nature of the vehicle’s operation. Their driving cycle involved very low mileage, but with a great deal of start/stop. Often, only ten meters would be travelled at a time. This required a new approach to how the vehicle data was interpreted and what was considered ‘good’ driving. The DCF was modified to have FMS1 and FMS4 data coming in at different rates to suit the application requirements and reduce data usage.

Success story

We chose Squarell Technology because of the wide range of supported vehicles. We’re very happy with the initial results of almost 11% savings on fuel. We’re keen to work with Squarell on the next steps: developing a new driver scoring system with the aid of the Driver Awareness Panel.

The intention is to rate driving based on time not distance, as distances can be very short. Safe driving and efficiency are both to be considered and will affect overall scoring. Together with Squarell we’re able to conquer our challenges to make the world a more eco-friendly place.

The results

Fleet trials have been progressing for three months and initial results show an 10,73% saving on fuel.

Parameters being monitored were:

  • Engine speed
  • Engine torque
  • Throttle position
  • Fuel used
  • MPG
  • Idling time
  • PTO usage
  • Brake applications
  • Harsh brakes