The REMOTE is the one box solution that combines a vehicle data collection device with modem functionality. The compact design houses everything you need to provide your customers with high quality vehicle data, versatile connectivity and advanced Squarell solutions.

The REMOTE communicates over the LTE Cat-M network and has 2G fallback. The modem supports TCP and MQTT communication protocols and you can extend the telematics device with advanced Squarell solutions. Thanks to its extensive communication protocols and expandable hardware and software, Squarell offers you a versatile all-in-one telematics solution.

REMOTE benefits

  • One-box solution = vehicle data collection device + modem functionality

  • The widest range of parameters for many vehicles
  • Expandable with Squarell advanced solutions

  • Compact design, only 10 × 10 cm
  • Easy installation with plug-and-play connectors

  • Designed, developed and produced in the Netherlands

  • A single point of contact: all hardware from one supplier

Vehicle data collection device and modem functionality in one

REMOTE: Vehicle data collection device + modem

The REMOTE is an all-in-one telematics device: it reads data, tracks location data and sends raw or processed data securely to your fleet management platform.

The REMOTE processes J1939, FMS, a lot of proprietary CAN Bus protocols, ISO 11992 and J1708 parameters into a standardised solution.

The REMOTE comes standard with a CANcliQ, power cable and external GNSS (GPS) antenna.

Advanced Squarell solutions

If desired, you can expand the functionality of the REMOTE with advanced Squarell solutions.

Scroll down to learn more about the included and additional hardware attachments.

Save time through smart installation

The REMOTE is designed with a compact housing of 10 by 10 centimetres. Additional accessories and peripherals, such as contactless vehicle data readers, a Bluetooth module, etc., can be connected using smart plug-and-play connectors, drastically reducing installation time.


Functional explanation

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A single point of contact

Squarell offers you a vehicle data interface and modem in one package. You don’t need two different parties for interfacing vehicle data and purchase modem hardware separately. In addition, you benefit from optimal integration between the hardware components and the software solutions.

Control and ownership of your data

The vehicle data retrieved with the REMOTE remains under your control. The data is sent to your location of choice without the intervention of third parties. This makes the REMOTE a privacy friendly solution.

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