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The DAP explained

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The DAP’s benefits

  • It is designed not to intrude the driver’s workplace

  • It assists the fleet manager to encourage his/her drivers

  • It saves fuel and reduces wear and tear

  • It promotes a safer driving style
  • It integrates perfectly with your fleet management solution

  • It is smart and honest
DAP software example and hardware version

What is the Driver Awareness Panel?

Improving driving behaviour by using the Driver Awareness Panel (DAP) will result in less fuel consumption, safer driving, reduction in wear and tear and CO2 emission.

As you know, the change in driving behaviour by creating a higher level of awareness has a significant impact on operational fleet costs. We have seen that this change in behaviour by using the DAP leads to fuel savings from 5% up to 17% (see our customer success stories). Also, the maintenance costs for brake and tire wear are reduced.

The DAP challenges the driver intuitively to improve his or her driving behaviour. Its built-in algorithms take care of driver attention loss in the long run to ensure constant safety assistance. The driving assistance is meant to gain a better, safer, cleaner and more economical way of operating your fleet.

The DAP’s user interface has six indicators that individually will give instant visual and audible feedback to the driver to help improve alleged driving inconsistencies.

The DAP’s indicators

  • High RPM
  • Unsteady driving (fluctuating accelerator pedal usage)

  • Engine power

  • Harsh acceleration

  • ECO driving

  • Anticipating the road ahead

Software data kit and hardware version

There is a DAP data kit available (called SWDAP) so you can make your own software solution to be integrated into your on-board displays and mobile devices. A hardware version, credit card sized, is also available and can be placed on the dashboard.

The DAP solution, which includes monitoring of the improvements in your fleet, is available as a stand-alone solution or as an addition to the solution of your telematics service provider.

Trip analysis

The DAP makes a trip analysis over the last 30 trips (ignition on – ignition off). At contact on (without ignition on) the DAP will give a report for each parameter.

The Driver Awareness Panel in Action

Watch a video of the Driver Awareness Panel in action and see how the DAP gathers vehicle parameters and returns real-time feedback to the truck driver to improve his driving behaviour. → Further explanation