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The wireless connection

A Squarell Bluetooth device can inform the driver through a smartphone with actual information about his truck, trailer and cargo.

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Get bluetooth

The Squarell Bluetooth dongle is a very easy to install SFD (Special Function Device). The Bluetooth dongle can easily overtake the existing connection to an external modem device. The vehicle data you used to receive via RS-232 can now easily be sent to your Android or iOS smartphone. There are two types of Bluetooth dongles available. Bluetooth 2.1 for older types of Android phones/tables and Bluetooth 4.0 LE which is used for all iOS devices and all recent Android devices.

When the driver is outside his vehicle, the Bluetooth device can lose connection. The Squarell Bluetooth dongle has a 8 MB buffer to store the vehicle data when the connection with the end device is lost.

The Bluetooth device is part of Squarell’s advanced vehicle data solutions and products range. With a configurable functionality and extended connectivity, the Squarell Bluetooth device can be used in various automotive applications such as telematics, fleet management, real time monitoring, measurement and control/interfacing.

How does it work?

Bluetooth how it works

The Bluetooth device is discoverable for 1 minute after power on. The pairing procedure needs to be initiated by the end device. (e.g. mobile Android phone). Once the pairing was successful, it is always possible to re-connect with the Bluetooth device. The end application should be able to select the correct Bluetooth device when there are more than one paired Bluetooth devices available to connect to.

Depending on the type of end device it is or is not possible to have multiple Bluetooth connections. In most cases, there will be no problem with a Bluetooth car kit in combination with the Squarell Bluetooth device. After pairing the direct messages and the buffered messages are off and must be turned on by the receiving Bluetooth application.

Technical specifications Bluetooth

Dimensions/Weight Length 55 mm, Width 52 mm, Height 18 mm/95 grams
Cable length 2.5 m
Material Nylon black 6/6
Environmental sealing IP67 (tested by manufacturer)
Drop specification 1m to concrete floor
Storage temperature -40 to 90°C
Operating temperature -40 to 85°C
Relative humidity max 90% at 40°C
Supply power 5 Volt DC
Electrical isolated No
Default baud rate 9600
Default communication UART
Bluetooth version 2.1
Protocol RFCOMM
SFD Device ID ID 690
Bluetooth version 4.0 LE
Protocol GATT
SFD Device ID ID 695

Order information

8590-690 Bluetooth 2.1 Device (SFD)
8591-690 Bluetooth 2.1 Device (JAE crimps)

8595-695 Bluetooth 4.0LE Device (SFD)
8596-695 Bluetooth 4.0LE Device (JAE crimps)

Bluetooth in vehicle