The Buysman Holding Group (BHG) consists of five members. With development, production and sales closely related, BHG is able to offer smart, innovative and future-proof solutions to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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BHG Organogram

The Buysman Holding Group

The history of Buysman Holding Group

Peter Buijsman

Founder and CEO Peter Buijsman is dedicated to creating smart and sustainable products that monitor and improve processes. To reduce environmental and financial impact and thereby contribute to a healthier environment and more successful business. Peter is a positive thinker and an inspiration to many. Inventors blood is running through his veins.

Always fascinated by technology and the improvement of systems. He started making high-quality products in the 80s for measurement and regulation of processes. Products that made life less complicated for the end customer. From products in industrial processes, to building climate systems and automotive solutions. Today about 50 professionals work at BHG. The group is taking a huge leap forward in technology and scope. Steadily growing we are always looking for passionate employees.